Laser cutting AC200

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Laser cutting system AC 200

A new dimension in laser cutting

Flexible: The AC 200 is a flexible laser welding and cutting system for fast 2D and 3D handling of metallic materials such as steel sheets, pipes and 3D forms.

Compact: The new AC 200 has a working chamber of 1100 x 1500 mm and a working area of 500 x 450 x 350 mm (x, y, z) but only requires a floor space of 3055 x 1700 x 1400 mm (W x D x H) due to its compact design. Both steel sheets of the coil and large 3D forms can be worked on. 

Flexible: A solid steel-welding construction together with the portal assembly forms the basis of the x and y axes. The z-axis is provided by the working table which houses the work-pieces and devices. The axle drives are digitally coupled servo motors which are maintenance-free. Accurate measuring systems in the main axes guarantee minute positioning accuracy. Laser sources of 50 W 200 W are available. These, together with the laser cooling are integrated in the machine housing. The AC 200 is operated by using an intuitive control interface with visual display. Depending on the application, the AC 200 can be equipped with several options (tilting- and swivelling axis, different optics).

Fields of application:
One machine for everything: both laser welding and laser cutting of prototypes and series is possible using the AC 200. In addition to design and development laboratories and component suppliers, the flexible AC 200 is extremely interesting for service providers in the areas of

 Precision engineering  |  Electronics production  |    medical technology  |   vehicle- and machine construction  |    jewellery manufactin


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