Combining the creative flair of a master goldsmith and the technical skills of a Siro Lastertec expert, Lazer Options are the go-to experts for all your engraving and welding needs.

Based in Cape Town, we serve clients locally, nationally and internationally. Focussed on precision and committed to exceptional quality, you are assured of both high service levels and competitive prices when you choose to work with Lazer Options.

For more than a decade now we’ve been serving clients across industries, including jewellery design and manufacturing, engineering, the film industry and more.

We offer specialised services:

Laser Engraving 

As specialist laser engravers we engrave and permanently mark a wide variety of products, materials and surfaces for a multitude of applications across various industries, as well as the branding of corporate gifts and promotional products.

Laser Welding

Laser welding is the process of welding materials together, whether this is one piece or multiple pieces of similar or dissimilar materials. Renowned for the increased strengths of welds, laser welding is an application that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore for quality and cost reasons. Welding in very small areas (ie from 0.2mm upwards) with minimal heat transfer. 

Agents for Siro-lasertec ,

German based company since 1993 they are the leaders in laser technology. Siro-lasertec has been offering high-quality laser systems for industrial and craftsman applications. Siro-Lasertec offers state-of-the art laser technology for cutting,welding and engraving. Whether this involves offering your the laser machine that is perfect for you or the best conditions for taking on your orders for commissioned laser work.


Our team is what makes our business work, meet 

Michael Angove : Owner of Lazer Options, founded in 2008, Master Goldsmith from 1982 , laser technician/engineer and operator

Kevin Palmer : ND Jewellery Design & Manufacturing and laser technician and operator , joined Lazer Options in 2010 

 Soraya Nagel: Administrative department,font desk, joined 2011