Personalized Fingerprint Wedding Rings

Lazer Options are the only specialist jewellers in South Africa who can can do the job right

If you are looking for a unique and inexpensive way to personalize your jewellery you are at the right place.

The process takes around 3-14 working days  which includes the time to manufacture and to do the artwork for the prints themselves. 

1. Choose your item



   Your are more then welcome to provide your own item.

2. Send us your fingerprint

Fingerprints can be taken at the nearest police station or at our shop in Cape Town.

Coat your finger with black ink press down without rolling the finger. Remember that the most detail is on the lower part of your fingertip.

Send  us your instructions clearly on which fingerprint goes where and any additional wording

See fontlist at :

Please remember to scan your fingerprints on the higest resolution (1200dpi) and email it to us at